Epson T1281-5 Cleaning cartridges (4 cartridges)


Having troubles with stripes or parts missing while printing? Then there is probably a print head clogged in your printer. This can be caused by not using the printer for a while, but can also happen when your printing regularly. With these cleaning cartridges it is possible to fix this problem. The cleaning cartridges got a special cleaning liquid that will clean the print heads and will open them again.

Compatible with Epson printers:
Stylus Office BX 305 F
Stylus Office BX 305 FW (Plus)
Stylus S 22
Stylus SX 125
Stylus SX 130
Stylus SX 230
Stylus SX 235 W
Stylus SX 420 (W)
Stylus SX 425 W
Stylus SX 430 W
Stylus SX 435 W
Stylus SX 438 W
Stylus SX 440 W
Stylus SX 445 W

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